Behind the Scenes with Festool: Longer Lasting Tools

Behind the Scenes with Festool: Longer Lasting Tools

Festool’s Phil Beckley provides some top tips for longer lasting tools.


A power tool out of action is the bane of many a tradespersons’ professional life. Without your machine, jobs can be delayed, cancelled or not completed – potentially causing detrimental effects to a business. 


Day to day there are a few things that can be done to help ensure a longer tool life. Simply keeping a tool in a systainer for example, will always go a long way to protect the machine – especially when working outside in poor weather or in transport.

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Dust extraction is also key. Not only do they protect your health but they also protect your machine. With less dust, parts last longer as does your overall machine. 


Each part of your tool kit is an investment, and as such should always be regularly serviced and checked by specialists to ensure all is performing to its best and prevent that small issue becoming a major one. 

Festool understands these pain points and so has a policy for registered tools where servicing is automatically covered for the first three years with no cost involved. The service will guarantee your tools get back to you as quickly as possible, includes wear parts and the machine will also be reset for accuracy to ensure that it performs perfectly. 



Obviously, when it comes to caring for your tool, some things are out of your control. Tools theft is unfortunately, not uncommon. Thankfully Festool will cover registered tools with three years of theft protection too; helping you get back to work as quickly as possible. 


Your tool is your livelihood. Taking simple steps to look after your tool kit can mean a long-lasting tool that performs at its optimum, allowing you to get on with your job.  


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