Avoidable reasons vans fail MOT test

Avoidable reasons vans fail MOT test

Tradespeople have been told to keep number plates clean and check tyres and seatbelts before an MOT or their van could fail the test.  

Experts at Lease Van have named five avoidable reasons for van MOT failure, resulting in hefty repair bills and business losses.  

On average 45% of vans between 3.0 – 3.5 tonnes and around a third of light commercial vehicles fail their MOT test yearly.  

The average cost to repair a failed vehicle is £143, meaning it is estimated that UK van drivers now face almost  £200 million in repair bills for failed tests.   

MOT tests check that a vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards, and failure to have a valid certificate could lead to a fine of up to £1000. 

There are reasons a van can fail which can easily be prevented with regular maintenance and checks on the vehicle.

Among them are being too dirty, having no washer fluid for the windscreen and if seatbelts are frayed. 

Tim Alcock, from Lease Van said: “Vans are an important part of a business for tradespeople so MOT failures can be a serious burden as they must stay off the road until fixed. 

“Aside from carrying heavy tools and materials, delivering goods and transporting the team, a van is the base of operations so being without can lead to serious financial losses. 

“This is why van owners must be aware of preventable reasons their vehicle could fail, and ensure it is sorted before the test,  such as filling up windscreen fluid and fixing frayed seat belts. 

“Tradespeople’s vans are prone to accumulating dirt with the nature of their job, and many will be surprised this could lead to an MOT failure.” 

Avoidable reasons vans fail an MOT test: 

1. Dirty 

Garages can refuse to test a van if it’s too dirty or full of clutter, so it is important to clear out work gear and clean excessive dirt. Number plates must be clean and readable to pass, as well as dirty windows that obstruct the view.  

2. Washer fluid  

Despite being such a simple check, a van will fail its MOT if the washers do not have enough liquid to clean the windscreen because it can lead to a build-up of dirt and a restricted view of the road.  

3. Suspension 

Avoid travelling on roads littered with potholes, especially at speed,  because it can play havoc on a vehicle’s suspension. Suspension issues can lead to an MOT failure as it compromises the handling and stability of the vehicle- so make sure to drive carefully. 

4. Seatbelts  

MOTs place special attention on the state of seatbelts because they are important safety components.  Seatbelts with any defects or faults, including weakened webbing or fraying, will fail.  

5. Tyres 

Regularly check the recommended tyre pressure for the type of van to prevent tyres from wearing unevenly or getting unnecessarily damaged. Tyres being below the minimum of 1.6mm legal tread limit will fail in an MOT, despite being easily avoidable with regular maintenance and by avoiding bad driving habits.  

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