Armstead’s cost effective high-quality products

Armstead’s cost effective high-quality products

Now is not the time to compromise on quality argues Michael Van Harmelen, Senior Brand Manager for Armstead.

This year has been tough for the trade. There’s no escaping that. The impact of the first nationwide lockdown is still being felt by many professionals, while new restrictions are likely to cause further disruption.

The result is that now, more than ever, finding ways to be cost effective is becoming a priority. But cutting costs can come at a risk to the most valuable asset you have – your reputation. Hard won and easily lost – protecting it is vital, especially in this current climate, where competition is fierce.

That’s where Armstead can help. We’re committed to producing high-quality trade performance products at competitive prices. Our advanced formulation, developed by AkzoNobel experts, gives you the tools to do a good job, while keeping costs down.

And that’s so vital as the trade continues to build back from the disruptions earlier this year. If a poor product lets you down, that’s your livelihood on the line. If the finish isn’t up to scratch that can spell very bad news. Word travels quickly – especially online – a poor review of your work can see your new business pipeline dry up overnight. And no one can afford that at the moment.

That’s why you can rely on the Armstead range. It has some real muscle behind it from the experts who also produce brands including Dulux, Cuprinol and Hammerite, that pushes paint performance to new levels. For example, our Armstead Durable Matt shares duluduluthe same class one standard of scrubbability and stain resistance as premium brands, giving you a quality, durable finish you can rely on to last.

It wins plaudits for its performance offering the opacity and coverage that a pro is looking for. Making smart choices on products can be critical for sectors where budgets are tight but high quality is still required. It’s equally great for decorators who operate in the rental market – where properties get redecorated every three years. It allows these homes to remain looking better for longer in a cost-effective way.

We understand that people like to stick to what they know, especially in the current climate. But we find that those who give us a try stay with us for the long haul. And that covers the whole spectrum of the industry, from sole traders to small decorating firms, large contractors and beyond.

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Dulux Announces 2021 Colour Of The Year

Brave Ground is described as an organic tone that’s reflective of people’s growing desire to align how they live with our planet. “The organic tone of Brave Ground will allow decorators to talk to customers about creating a really comforting environment within their homes,” declares Karen Wilkinson, Marketing Lead at Dulux Trade. “To support decorators in talking to customers about colour, we’ve created a Colour Of The Year decorator guide, a handy booklet that can be used when guiding customers to make those important colour decisions.”

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Highly Decorated Work!

Each half-hour episode of the Dulux Academy Podcast: Life as a decorator allows professionals to share best practice, business tips and personal stories, on subjects as diverse as mental health, the new normal and how they are building up their businesses again. Episode one features Darren Whitfield, Morley Lane and Les Copestake, all of whom own their own decorating businesses working mostly in the domestic sector. Hosted by Tony Pearson-Young from the Dulux Academy, who has put down his brush and picked up a mic with ease, the idea for the series was borne out of the lockdown. The Dulux Academy Live is also providing workshops for decorators online for the first time.

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