Are You Protecting Yourself From Dust?

Are You Protecting Yourself From Dust?

Addex explains why looking after your lungs should be a key feature of the workplace.

Dust is a major concern in the building industry. Look after your lungs. No matter what project you are working on there is always dust that you can’t see.

We understand the threat that this dust poses to your health. Many construction workers are exposed to high levels of dust every day and even common tasks like drilling or sawing can cause problems.

Regularly breathing in the dust created can seriously damage your health, and over a long period can cause life changing illnesses which in some cases may prove fatal.

The Dustblocker range has been designed to remove unseen dust from all environments. These quiet machines operate continuously 24 hours a day to clean the air you and your colleagues breathe. They can be used as a short term solution on site or as part of a long term dust reduction strategy.

The aim of the Dustblocker is to establish a circulating air stream in closed areas. By continuously circulating the air the fine dust particulates are filtered and the clean air is fed back into the room.

Hepa 14 filters are used in the Dustblockers so you can be certain that the filtration is to the highest standard protecting both you and the people you are working with. For rooms needing a negative pressure a duct can be attached to the machine to take the exhaust out of the sealed room.

By using the DustBlocker range it is possible to achieve dust reductions of up to 90%, meaning that you are working in a healthier environment.

The range consists of eleven different mobile machines with airflows from 500m³/h right up to 30000m³/h, there is a machine suitable for all types of dust and location. With applications staring in small single rooms right up to huge warehouses and also can include:

• Construction sites
• Woodworking shops where dust is airborne
• Stonemasons and any other areas where silica dust from concrete, brick grout or mortar may
be present.
• Manufacturing plants
• Clean rooms

Why take the risk when there is a simple solution available? Look after your lungs.

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