DI-WHY? 29th October 2021

DI-WHY? 29th October 2021

Just in time for the spookiest weekend of the year – we have got some terrifying DIY kitchen blunders from our Twitter community this week that’ll leave you scared stiff!

First up, @JamesB177 on Twitter sent this in to us, commenting…

“Shelf inaccessible and not where it should be”


And then, this was discovered…

“Blank panel held on with nails and should be a hidden fixing not just planted through the front if the panel”



We’re currently on the hunt for more of your infamous DIY disasters! If you’ve come across a DIY disaster whilst on the job or have been called in to fix someone else’s mistake, don’t forget to take a photo and send it in to probuildonline@gmail.com OR you can DM/tag us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

We have also recently launched DIY ‘before and after’ series, where we want to show your transformations of ANY work that you are proud of, showing that hiring a professional is always best. Our latest article from the series can be found here. If you want your transformation to be featured online and in our next magazine, remember to send in your photos to probuildonline@gmail.com.

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