DI-WHY? 26th November 2021

DI-WHY? 26th November 2021

We have a botched kitchen special to present to you for this week’s DIY disaster – showing us exactly why hiring a professional is the right thing to do. Thanks to one of our readers Roger Tuck for submitting to us this shocker he was called in to fix.


Called in to replace a worktop in a “professionally fitted” kitchen. Discovered these howlers underneath. Waste pipes joined by gaffer tape over cooker power supply visible through exquisitely detailed access hatches!


That’s right… we’re giving away a FREE sticker to anyone that submits their DI-WHY? entries in. If you spot any examples of DIY-gone-wrong jobs like these, please do send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com or tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. You can find our latest DI-WHY? entries here.

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