Tackle it with Thompsons: Quick Drying Drive Seal and you could win a Makita Radio!

Tackle it with Thompsons: Quick Drying Drive Seal and you could win a Makita Radio!

Next up in our series with Thompson’s, Chris Fletcher, Technical Services Chemist for the company explains more about Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal.

For use on sound tarmac, Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal is designed to revive and enhance the appearance of tarmac drives and provide a weather, damage and stain resistant coating to the surface. Its water-based formula means that the product is quick and easy to apply, so the job can be completed in just one day.

How to apply it

It is important to clean the surface before applying Quick Drying Drive Seal. Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any dust, dirt or moss and then apply Thompson’s Oil and Drive Cleaner to remove stubborn oil, grease and petrol stains. The cleaner can be used neat for tougher stains – or for general cleaning it can be diluted with water (1litre of cleaner should be mixed with 4litres of water). For the best results, leave for five minutes before using a stiff brush to clean the whole area with water.

It is important to let any surface water dry before applying. However, unlike alternative products available on the market, it can be applied onto damp surfaces. This is because of its unique water-based acrylic resin that offers a level of breathability and lets water vapour out, without allowing larger water droplets to seep in, so the surface can continue to dry even after Quick Drying Drive Seal has been applied.

To ensure full coverage, we recommend applying two coats using a roller. Always allow four hours between each coat and, once the second coat has been applied, leave for a further four hours before parking any vehicles on the drive.

The product’s water-based formulation also makes the cleaning process quicker and easier, as tools can be cleaned simply using water and detergent. However, when disposing of leftover product always contact your local authority to find out how waste can be disposed of safely.

It is also important to remember that new tarmac should be left to dry for 90 days before applying Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal. It is also recommended that it is used in dry conditions (and not when it is raining or forecast to rain), to ensure quality end results.

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits is the speed of application. Not only is application on damp surfaces possible, but its water-based formulation delivers a faster drying time, so the job can be completed in just one day. This means that disruption to customers is kept to a minimum and more jobs can be fitted in across the week, maximising productivity.

The inclusion of acrylic polymers in its formulation means that Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal can flex under the weight of vehicles, so the surface will not crack. Its durability means customers benefit from a long-lasting, quality finish.

What’s more, Thompson’s Quick Drying Drive Seal is slip resistant so customers can safely walk on the treated surface once it is dry.

To find out more about Thompson’s and its wide range of waterproofing products visit https://www.thompsonsweatherproofing.co.uk/waterproofing


Thompson’s is giving five lucky winners the chance to get their hands on a prize bundle including a Makita MR052 Cordless Radio and some Thompson’s goodies. To win, answer the following question correctly:

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