New website for Kinedo

New website for Kinedo

Saniflo UK has introduced a new website for the Kinedo brand of shower cubicles, trays and shower enclosures.

The new website offers a contemporary design plus access to lots of information for the trades to show customers who are interested in upgrading their bathrooms using a Kinedo product.

For trade professionals, the website has an Expert Centre for advice.

Users can search by product category of shower enclosures, shower cubicles and shower trays and also includes sections on accessible showering, plus the configurator for the Kineduo walk-in shower baths, brochures and a blog offering useful tips. Visitors can also locate their local Kinedo supplier or request a call back from a Saniflo representative.

Saniflo UK head of marketing and product development, Ann Boardman, said: “The new Kinedo website is super easy to navigate and understand, for both homeowners and industry professionals. It contains everything you could wish to know about the quality and versatility of the Kinedo range from Saniflo. The blog offers homeowners creative ideas for the use and installation of Kinedo products. It has never been easier to understand the features and benefits of the Kinedo range of shower cubicles, shower enclosures and shower trays.”

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