WIN an iPhone with Stockpile Reports!

WIN an iPhone with Stockpile Reports!

Innovative technology is enabling professionals on site to measure stockpiles more quickly and easily than ever, saving significant time and costs, explains URC Ventures CEO David Boardman.

Measuring stockpiles of material before moving them has traditionally taken considerable time, money and effort. Traditional surveying and measurement teams, which can take time and cost to secure and transport to site, use techniques such as drilling into stockpiles and LiDAR laser measurement equipment to gauge the volume of material. However, innovative technology has delivered a game changing solution for the wider aggregate industry.

Any stockpile can now be quantified by using the new Stockpile Reports Lite iPhone app. It allows professionals to measure piled material themselves by simply pointing an iPhone at the material and walking around it. The measurement results are accessible quickly, for a small fraction of the typical cost and well before the time it would take a measurement crew to even show up.

The innovation was born out of URC Ventures’ work with the large enterprise construction materials industry around the world since 2012, with their inventory management platform and patented measurement technology. URC Ventures solves large-scale industry challenges through the real time digitisation of the physical world. With the drastic improvements in mobile phone camera technology, combined with computer vision and machine learning, and with the exponential growth in processing power, we are able to make a simple, low-cost, easy to use solution available to the entire market.

The enterprise inventory management version, Stockpile Reports, from which the Stockpile Reports Lite app has been developed, is image based and uses 3-D reconstruction to accurately measure stockpiles. It was an executive of an aggregates producer who gave them the idea to develop the Stockpile Reports technology, which is now a successful product used in 25 countries across the globe.

Before Stockpile Reports arrived, the standard practice in the aggregates industry was to call out a measurement team or surveyors once a year, twice a year, or even quarterly. This is extremely costly and few sites can afford to have a team on hand or hire an outside firm frequently. So they have to estimate, often very inaccurately, and when they do get it measured there is a big difference.

This is clearly unsustainable and Stockpile Reports has transformed this situation and the Stockpile Reports Lite app opens these benefits up to everyone.

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Professional Builder has teamed up with Stockpile Reports Lite to offer a lucky reader the chance to win an iPhone X.

All you have to do is take a look at the stockpile in the picture to the right and guess its size in cubic metres. You can also look at a video of the stockpile here.

To win, pick the correct amount of cubic metres from the drop down menu:

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