Everbuild - Geofix ready-mixed joint filler

Everbuild - Geofix ready-mixed joint filler
14 Aug 2012, 10:20

Like many builders Roger Bisby resisted the temptation to use readymix joint fillers for years, too expensive not necessary was his view  but then  he had a Damascus moment and now uses nothing else.  

If you are out doing a bit of paving at the moment then pointing up the joints will not be far away. It is one of those jobs which seems to take longer than you think and has a high failure rate.  It  is weather dependent - too wet or too hot and you can’t guarantee success - and even if you get it right a couple of years down the line and the pointing starts to crack and the weeds will be pushing through.

That lovely new patio (your advert) now looks tired and shabby. Did the customer waste their money? You can say that it wasn’t your fault but you can’t be there to defend yourself. The job has to stand up for itself. This is why I changed to readymixed joint filler.
Not only does the bagged product allow you to complete the job in a fraction of the time, you get a uniform colour and a product that will last. There are any number of products out there and each has its advantages. Geofix from Everbuild, is long established and is very easy to use. The binder is resin based so you simply break open the foil bags and brush it in.

There is no mixing or hosing down needed. Once you have filled the joints you need to compress it by ironing in. Then you let nature take its course. For me  the most durable profile is a bucket handle concave joint, but you can achieve a nice  flush joint with a tuck pointer. It has to be acknowledged that this product costs a lot more than a bag of sharp sand and some cement which is why I didn’t use it when it first came out, but if you have been there, done that and had the call backs the easy route has to be worth a try.

The patio was less than 3 years old but the pointing had gone and weeds were taking over.

The joint filler must be used as soon as the seal is cut  on the bags.

The buff colour was a perfect match for the slabs.

Quick and easy brush-in. No need to worry about staining.

It is important to compress the Geofix. You can use a flush or recessed profile.

Geofix will suppress weeds and form a long  lasting joint.

For more info visit: www.everbuild.co.uk

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