WIN! HBXL Estimating Software

WIN! HBXL Estimating Software

Win the new ‘Rapid Take-off & Estimate Kit’ from HBXL and see a rapid change in your business.

Here’s your chance to win one of two software kits from HBXL Building Software worth £2,197+VAT (RRP) each. The Rapid Take-off & Estimate kit comes with:

PlansXpress to trace over your building plans plus EstimatorXpress to price them. It also includes the Quick Quote plug-in for EstimatorXpress plus 12 months’ complimentary support and updates for all the software.

And thanks to the kit’s secret weapon, Quick Quote plug-in, you’ll be able to produce an estimate for an extension in just four minutes – and a renovation in two minutes. The developers believe it’s the UK’s fastest, most accurate estimating software available to the smaller building firm today.

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Are you first out of the blocks with your building estimates?

They say ‘snooze you lose’. But if you’re really busy how can you possibly react quickly to all those requests for quotes? How can you get there first, a good stride ahead of the competition? Well HBXL believe they can help builders win at estimating.

And that’s because its new Rapid Take-off & Estimate Kit enables building firms to be more selective and go after the profitable jobs, not just the jobs that keep everyone in work.

Is HBXL’s software right for you? Are you…

…a take-off from a plan kind of company? Great. You can do that with the Rapid Take-off & Estimate kit.

…price the job from a sketch scheme you’ve done? No problem. You can do that using the Quick Quote plug-in, choosing a template which most closely matches your project.

…a spreadsheet user? The estimating function is based on familiar Microsoft Excel.

…a cost per square metre business? The software will give you an accurate cost per sq m based on today’s prices and building regs (no need to guesstimate!).

In fact, however you produce your quotes currently, the new Rapid Take-off & Estimate Kit (RRP £2197+VAT) is a winner. This software is:

  • easy to understand,
  • fast to use,
  • looks professional
  • and will lock-in your profit.

There are two ways to get the same, high quality results:

Take-off option

You’ll get an instant quote when you take off a building plan using the software’s clever tracing tools within PlansXpress, the CAD package, and then import the take-off into EstimatorXpress.

Project Templates option

Or you can use the Quick Quote plug-in within EstimatorXpress with its hundreds of whole project templates (ready filled with priced materials). Within four minutes you’ll have estimated an extension. And in two minutes a renovation. (No plan drawing needed).

HBXL have already had some fantastic feedback from new users:

“It’s just …brilliant! So quick and easy to use, especially for simple extensions”

Greg Strugacz, Penco Builders

“Quick Quote puts everything at your fingertips.”

Dave Stanley, Union Renovations

Not only will you be able to quote more often thanks to the simplicity of the process, but your professional-looking, detailed quotes will attract the better paying jobs. Plus, 100 per cent accuracy will keep your profit intact.

You could experience a difference in your business performance in a matter of days. Why not take the kit for a test drive while you wait to find out if you’re a winner. HBXL will drop the software onto your computer, take you for a spin before giving you the keys for 14 days. Just call 0117 916 7898 or visit

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