The Return of the Nokia 3310: Get Your Hands on One

The Return of the Nokia 3310: Get Your Hands on One

Start-up offering tradespeople new Nokia 3310 for photos of cracked Smartphone screens!

In light of the Nokia 3310 being re-released, a site connecting customers with local service professionals across the UK is offering tradespeople the chance to win the famously durable handset – after a survey found more than two thirds used a damaged Smartphone. The 10 worst ‘cracked screen’ images submitted to the site will be sent a Nokia 3310 as soon as it goes on sale.

A survey of more than 1,000 tradespeople found that more than two thirds, 68%, had cracked their Smartphone’s screen and more than a two fifths, 44%, had permanently broken their mobile while working.

In response to this and news that Nokia is to re-release the 3310, a phone renowned for its sturdiness, long battery life and Snake game, online local services marketplace is committing to offering tradespeople of all professions the handset for free.

Wannabe winners have to submit a photo of themselves with their broken smartphone to Bidvine’s team via their site. The worst 10 will be selected as winners and sent a handset as soon as the new 3310 goes on sale.

Tradespeople across the UK can submit the photo of their broken smartphone by visiting:

Nokia is re-launching a modern version of the Nokia 3310, which was originally released in 2000, at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February. The 3310 is known for its durability and 30 day battery life, which is why is offering the handset to tradespeople who require a mobile that can withstand punishment.

It has been reported that the ‘re-imagined’ handset will be sold for €59 and will be positioned as a second phone for those who do not want to damage their expensive smartphones. is a website on which members of the public can ask local service professionals to bid for work. Professionals include builders, electricians, house painters, photographers, plumbers, personal trainers, English tutors and many others.

Russ Morgan, co-founder of, said,

“We have so many tradespeople on the site and it’s a known fact that the nature of their work means items, such as mobiles, can get easily damaged. So with the news of the Nokia 3310 being re-released, arguably one of the most reliable and durable handsets ever created, we thought why don’t we help the tradespeople of the UK out and offer them a free one?!

“Naturally we can’t offer every tradesperson a free mobile, so to make it fair and a bit of fun, we’re offering the worst 20 a Nokia 3310 in exchange for an image of their damaged smartphone. We really are interested to see what state they’re in!”

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