Fill Out This Simple Survey and Win a Free Fleece!

Fill Out This Simple Survey and Win a Free Fleece!

Klober is giving away a Fleece to 25 selected tradesmen who fill out the quick survey below!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these great fleeces is fill out the short survey below and add your contact details at the bottom so we know where to send the goodies!

1. As a builder/roofer do you ask for branded roofing accessories by name for any of the following? Tick any that apply

Roofing underlayDry ridge/hip/vergeLead-free flashingTile or slate ventsWall and floor vents

2. Would you care to say which manufacturer’s product you tend to buy for the following?

Roofing Underlay

Dry ridge/hip

Dry verge

Tile/slate vents

Wall and floor vents

Lead-free flashing

3. What factors influence you when buying such products? Tick any that apply

Confidence in the quality of products(s) you have used beforeProduct specified by architect, self-builder etcProduct recommended by roof tile or slate manufacturerProduct you believe will last the test of timeProduct is part of a range supplied by tile/slate manufacturerMeets required British StandardLowest price product availableWhat the merchant has in stock

4. With specific regard to roofing underlays, do you use a particular branded product(s) for your work?

5. Do you use Klober roofing accessories? Tick one

RegularlyOccasionallyNot at all

6. Which Klober products do you use? Tick any that may apply

Air-open roofing underlayVapour permeable roofing underlayDry ridge/hip/verge/valleyAirtightness tapes/sealantsTile/slate ventsFlat roof ventsSolar installation accessoriesOther roofing accessories e.g. Underlay support tray/rafter tray/soffit vents/eaves filler comb/fascia ventOther – please specify below

7. What factors may prevent you from buying a Klober roofing accessory? Tick any that may apply

Local availabilityAvailability of a particular product as part of the Klober range – please specify belowProduct is part of a range supplied by tile/slate manufacturerPriceAnother company’s product preferred

8. Which merchant/distributor do you normally buy from?

Please type in your fleece size

Survey runs till the 30th September. Please allow 21 days for delivery after the end of the competition.

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