Break Away with Dakea: Win a Trip to Monaco!

Break Away with Dakea: Win a Trip to Monaco!

This month in our series on what to consider in relation to roof window installs we look at how to choose a product that will ensure ease, speed and quality of installation. There will also be the chance for one lucky reader to win a break away, courtesy of Dakea.

When installing a roof window, preventing air and water ingress is crucial. If water gets through any kind of gap, it can result in interior damage to the roof and room, whilst air ingress can compromise the energy efficiency of a building – increasing the cost of heating whilst causing cold draughts.

There is an unavoidable requirement to cut through the roofing felt and membrane at the rafters to create the hole in the roofing fabric for the window. This creates a gap between the rafters and the back of the roof window frame as well as an exterior area that needs to be covered.

To ensure compliance with Part L1B of the Building Regulations, this un-insulated gap between the rafters and the roof window must be filled to prevent issues caused by air and water ingress. Usually, rigid foam cut to fit from large, premium priced sheets would be used to fill the gap. Ensuring a tight fit around the frame can be difficult and take up to half an hour per window.

The roofing membrane must then be replaced to ensure a watertight seal around the window that will also prevent air ingress. Typically, four pieces of matching membrane are cut to frame the sides of the roof window. This membrane should also extend over the horizontal section of the roof battens to protect the roof from broken or cracked tiles.

Time spent on site is a precious commodity to installers – Dakea has developed its Dakea Underfelt Foil Collar (RUC). A single piece of stretchable fabric, it removes any need for cutting and joining membrane material. It is simply slid underneath the battens and then fixed securely. Ensuring a water and airtight barrier, this Underfelt Foil Collar is easily installed in 15 minutes, and comes free with the Dakea Ultima, Better Safe and Better Vintage windows.

In addition to this, Dakea has also developed the Dakea Insulating Foam Collar (IFC), free with the Dakea Ultima roof window. The collar is manufactured specifically to fit the window frame and includes a rebated foam profile and self-adhesive fixing, which aids a secure fit. Offering superior heat insulation capabilities, which reduces heat loss by 18%, the collar is compliant with Part L1B of the Building Regulations, and reduces installation time to approximately 3 minutes per window.

Ensuring a roof window is properly installed to comply with Building Regulations is crucial to protecting the property and ensuring homeowner comfort. By selecting a roof window from leading manufacturers who keep installers in mind, this can be done whilst saving substantial time onsite.


Dakea is offering one lucky reader a holiday for two to Monaco, the home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix – the fastest racing series in the world.

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Dakea Break Away Series Terms & Conditions

The prize is a holiday for two people and includes flights and accommodation with a maximum prize value of £2,000. There is no cash alternative and the prize is non transferrable. Dakea will work with the prize winner to arrange suitable dates. The competition is open to UK residents except employees of Altaterra Ltd and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or the competition.

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